Album ratings

These are my personal ratings of the albums I have listened to more than once.

79…And You Will Know Us by the Trail of DeadSource Tags & Codes2002alt rock
81…And You Will Know Us by the Trail of DeadWorlds Apart2005alt rock
74…And You Will Know Us by the Trail of DeadSo Divided2006alt rock
90…And You Will Know Us by the Trail of DeadThe Century of Self2009alt rock
82…And You Will Know Us by the Trail of DeadTao of the Dead2011alt rock
62…And You Will Know Us by the Trail of DeadLost Songs2012alt rock
8465daysofstaticThe Fall of Math2004post-rock
8065daysofstaticOne Time for All Time2005post-rock
8665daysofstaticThe Destruction of Small Ideas2007post-rock
9065daysofstaticWe Were Exploding Anyway2010electronic
8565daysofstaticSilent Running2011post-rockscore
8365daysofstaticWild Light2013post-rock
80A Perfect CircleMer de Noms2000alt rock
79A Perfect CircleThirteenth Step2003alt rock
73A Place to Bury StrangersA Place to Bury Strangers2007shoegazing
81A Silver Mt. ZionHe Has Left Us Alone but Shafts of Light Sometimes Grace the Corner of Our Rooms…2000post-rock
80A Veil of WaterReminder2013piano
64A Winged Victory for the SullenA Winged Victory for the Sullen2011ambient
87AgallochThe Mantle2002folk metal
83AgallochAshes Against the Grain2006doom metal
67AgallochFaustian Echoes2012doom metalEP
76AirTalkie Walkie2004electronic
56Alexander TuckerThird Mouth2012folk
40AnathemaEternity1996goth metal
76AnathemaAlternative 41998alt rock
74AnathemaJudgement1999alt rock
79AnathemaA Fine Day to Exit2001alt rock
81AnathemaA Natural Disaster2003alt rock
78AnathemaWe’re Here Because We’re Here2010alt rock
84AnathemaWeather Systems2012alt rock
67And So I Watch You From AfarAnd So I Watch You From Afar2009post-rock
86Andrew BirdAndrew Bird & the Mysterious Production of Eggs2005indie folk
85Andrew BirdArmchair Apocrypha2007indie folk
73Andrew BirdNoble Beast2009indie folk
81Andrew BirdBreak It Yourself2012indie folk
64Andrew BirdHands of Glory2012indie folk
60Andrew BirdI Want to See Pulaski at Night2013indie folkEP
64Angelo BadalamentiMulholland Drive2001film soundtrack
76AnoiceThe Black Rain2012post-rock
68Aperture Science Psychoacoustics LaboratoryPortal 2: Songs to Test By2011video game
61AquarelleAugust Undone2013ambient/drone
85Arcade FireFuneral2004baroque pop
79Arcade FireNeon Bible2007baroque pop
73Arcade FireThe Suburbs2010baroque pop
95Arcade FireReflektor2013baroque pop
89At the Drive-InRelationship of Command2000post-hardcore
73Atoms for PeaceAMOK2013alt rock
71AutoluxFuture Perfect2004alt rock
84AutoluxTransit Transit2010dream pop
86AyreonThe Human Equation2004rock opera
85Ayreon10110012008rock opera
77AyreonThe Theory of Everything2013rock opera
74Azure RayHold On Love2003dream pop
70Azure RayAs Above So Below2012dream pop
55Barn OwlV2013drone
63Basia BulatHeart of My Own2010indie folk with autoharp
62Basia BulatTall Tall Shadow2013indie folk with autoharp
79Bat for LashesTwo Suns2008pop
76Bat for LashesThe Haunted Man2012pop
69BattlesMirrored2007math rock
71Beat HappeningYou Turn Me On1992indie rock
79BeckMutations1998alt rock
85BeckSea Change2002alt rock
74BeckGuero2005alt rock
84BeckThe Information2006alt rock
78BeckModern Guilt2008alt rock
85BeirutGulag Orkestar2006indie folk
78BeirutThe Flying Club Cup2007indie folk
71BeirutMarch of the Zapotec/Holland2009indie folkEP
65BeirutThe Rip Tide2011indie folk
84Belle & SebastianIf You’re Feeling Sinister1996indie pop
78Belle & SebastianDear Catastrophe Waitress2003indie pop
80Belle & SebastianThe Life Pursuit2006indie pop
68Ben Lukas BoysenGravity2013piano-based ambient
88Bersarin QuartettII2012ambient
87Big DealJune Gloom2013dream pop/indie rock
82Bloc PartySilent Alarm2005indie rock
65Bloc PartyIntimacy2008indie rock
63Blonde RedheadMelody of Certain Damaged Lemons2000indie rock
77Blonde RedheadMisery Is a Butterfly2004indie rock
60Blonde Redhead232007indie rock
66Blonde RedheadPenny Sparkle2010indie rock
83Boards of CanadaTomorrow’s Harvest2013ambient electronic
83Bob DylanBlood on the Tracks1975folk rock
70Bob DylanTime Out of Mind1997folk rock
65Bob DylanTempest2012folk rock
90Bon IverBon Iver, Bon Iver2011indie folk
50BorisHeavy Rocks2011
55BorisAttention Please2011shoegazing
73BramblesCharcoal2012modern classical
88Brian EnoAmbient 1: Music for Airports1978ambient
55Brian EnoLUX2012ambient
73Bright EyesLetting Off the Happiness1998indie rock
70Bright EyesEvery Day and Every Night1999indie rockEP
97Bright EyesFevers and Mirrors2000indie rock
94Bright EyesLifted or The Story Is in the Soil, Keep Your Ear to the Ground2002indie rock
90Bright EyesDigital Ash in a Digital Urn2005indie rock
72Bright EyesI’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning2005indie folk
77Bright EyesMotion Sickness2005indie rocklive
77Bright EyesFour Winds2007indie rockEP
81Bright EyesCassadaga2007indie folk
66Bright EyesThe People’s Key2011indie rock
53Bright Eyes and Neva DinovaOne Jug of Wine, Two Vessels2010indie rock
67Bright Red PaperBright Red Paper2005post-rock
74Broken Social SceneYou Forgot It in People2002indie rock
40Broken Social SceneForgiveness Rock Record2010indie rock
73Camera ObscuraDesire Lines2013mellow indie pop
42CaspianWaking Season2012post-rock
81Cat StevensTea for the Tillerman1970folk rock
30CelerLightness and Irresponsibility2012ambient
75Charlotte GainsbourgIRM2009pop
40ChromaticsKill for Love2012
60Circa SurviveOn Letting Go2007indie rock
64Circa SurviveViolent Waves2012indie rock
63CKYCarver City2009alt metal
70Clint MansellRequiem for a Dream2000film score
76Clint MansellThe Fountain2006film score
79Cloud NothingsAttack on Memory2012indie rock
90CluesClues2009indie rock
40ColdplayA Rush of Blood to the Head2002alt rock
58ColdplayViva la Vida or Death and All His Friends2008alt rock
40ColdplayLeftRightLeftRightLeft2009alt rocklive
62Conor OberstConor Oberst2008indie folk
30Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley BandOuter South2009indie folk
81ConvergeAxe to Fall2009hardcore punk
72ConvergeAll We Love We Leave Behind2012hardcore punk
86Crystal CastlesCrystal Castles2008electronic
50Crystal CastlesCrystal Castles2010electronic
66Crystal CastlesCrystal Castles2012electronic
70CueBring Back My Love2005post-rock
77CursiveHappy Hollow2006indie rock
76Daft PunkRandom Access Memories2013electronic
70Dark TranquillityDamage Done2002melodic death metal
30Dark TranquillityFiction2007melodic death metal
45Dark TranquillityWe Are the Void2010melodic death metal
71Dark TranquillityConstruct2013melodic death metal
68David BowieThe Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars1972glam rock
88David BowieLow1977art rock/ambient
80David Bowie“Heroes”1977art rock
75David BowieLodger1979art rock
93David BowieScary Monsters (and Super Creeps)1980art rock
50David BowieLet’s Dance1983post-disco
77David BowieThe Next Day2013rock
60David Byrne & St. VincentLove This Giant2012
78Dead Can DanceAnastasis2012
60Death Cab for CutieThe Photo Album2001indie rock
77Death Cab for CutieTransatlanticism2003indie rock
79Death Cab for CutiePlans2005indie rock
73Death Cab for CutieNarrow Stairs2008indie rock
35Death Cab for CutieCodes and Keys2011indie rock
40Death GripsGovernment Plates2013hip hop
80DeerhoofDeerhoof vs. Evil2011indie rock
66DeerhoofBreakup Song2012indie rock
88DeerhunterMonomania2013indie rock
75DeftonesKoi No Yokan2012alt metal
50Depeche ModeViolator1990synthpop
50Derek Duke, Glenn Stafford, Neal Acree, Russell BrowerStarCraft II: Wings of Liberty2010video game
79DestroyerStreethawk: A Seduction2001indie rock
85DestroyerYour Blues2004indie rock
84DestroyerDestroyer’s Rubies2006indie rock
78DestroyerTrouble in Dreams2009indie rock
80DestroyerKaputt2011indie rock
70DestroyerFive Spanish Songs2013indie rockEP
74DIIVOshin2012indie rock
48Dirk SerriesMicrophonics XXI-XXV2013ambient guitar drone
84Dirty ProjectorsBitte Orca2009indie rock
83Dirty ProjectorsSwing Lo Magellan2012indie rock
57Divine FitsA Thing Called Divine Fits2012indie rock
86Does It Offend You, Yeah?You Have No Idea What You’re Getting Yourself Into2008dance-punk
83Does It Offend You, Yeah?Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You2011dance-punk
60DoldrumsLesser Evil2013electronic jam
78Dream TheaterFalling into Infinity1997prog metal
86Dream TheaterMetropolis Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory1999prog metal
88Dream TheaterSix Degrees of Inner Turbulence2002prog metal
80Dream TheaterTrain of Thought2003prog metal
78Dream TheaterOctavarium2005prog metal
71Dream TheaterSystematic Chaos2007prog metal
65Dream TheaterBlack Clouds & Silver Linings2009prog metal
48Dream TheaterA Dramatic Turn of Events2011prog metal
69Dream TheaterDream Theater2013prog metal
79dredgLeitmotif1998alt rock
87dredgEl Cielo2002alt rock
75dredgCatch Without Arms2005alt rock
84dredgThe Pariah, the Parrot, the Delusion2009alt rock
25dredgChuckles and Mr. Squeezy2011alt rock
76EarlimartEveryone Down Here2003indie rock
68EarlimartSystem Preferences2012indie rock
63EfI Am Responsible2008post-rock
53EfterklangPiramida2012baroque pop
84Elliott SmithRoman Candle1994indie rock
75Elliott SmithElliott Smith1995indie rock
88Elliott SmithEither/Or1997indie rock
98Elliott SmithXO1998indie rock
95Elliott SmithFigure 82000indie rock
97Elliott SmithFrom a Basement on the Hill2004indie rock
77Elliott SmithNew Moon2007indie rock
85EluviumNightmare Ending2013piano-based ambient
73EminemRecovery2010hip hop
70EnvyA Dead Sinking Story2003post-rock
73EnvyInsomniac Doze2006post-rock
40Esben and the WitchViolet Cries2011goth rock
68EsmerineDalmak2013world music
60Evan CaminitiDreamless Sleep2012ambient
70Explosions in the SkyHow Strange, Innocence2000post-rock
90Explosions in the SkyThose Who Tell the Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Live Forever2001post-rock
98Explosions in the SkyThe Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place2003post-rock
83Explosions in the SkyAll of a Sudden I Miss Everyone2007post-rock
79Explosions in the SkyTake Care, Take Care, Take Care2011post-rock
67Explosions in the Sky & David WingoPrince Avalanche2013light post-rock with no percussionfilm score
70Fabrizio PaterliniAutumn Stories2012piano
73Fabrizio PaterliniNow2013piano backed by light instrumentation
75Faith No MoreAngel Dust1992alt rock
60Field RotationFatalist: The Repetition of History2013ambient
72Fiona AppleThe Idler Wheel Is Wiser Than the Driver of the Screw and Whipping Cords Will Serve You More Than Ropes Will Ever Do2012
79Fleet FoxesSun Giant2008indie folk
89Fleet FoxesFleet Foxes2008indie folk
81Fleet FoxesHelplessness Blues2011indie folk
70Flight of the ConchordsFlight of the Conchords2008comedy
81Forest SwordsEngravings2013atmospheric electronic
74Frog EyesPaul’s Tomb: A Triumph2010indie rock
69Frog EyesCarey’s Cold Spring2013indie rock
79Fuck ButtonsTarot Sport2009drone-focused electronic
84Fuck ButtonsSlow Focus2013drone-focused electronic
76Fucked UpDavid Comes to Life2011hardcore punk
85Future IslandsIn Evening Air2010synthpop
78Future IslandsOn the Water2011synthpop
73GargleGlow in the Gloom2012ambient
63Giraffes? Giraffes!Pink Magick2011math rock
65Girl TalkFeed the Animals2008mashup
30Girl TalkAll Day2010mashup
55Glenn JonesMy Garden State2013American Primitive Guitar
58GlissandoThe World Without Us2012modern classical
60God Is an AstronautAll Is Violent, All Is Bright2005post-rock
25God Is an AstronautOrigins2013post-rock
94Godspeed You! Black EmperorF♯A♯∞1997post-rock
96Godspeed You! Black EmperorSlow Riot for New Zerø Kanada1999post-rockEP
95Godspeed You! Black EmperorLift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven2000post-rock
91Godspeed You! Black EmperorYanqui U.X.O.2002post-rock
86Godspeed You! Black EmperorAllelujah! Don’t Bend! Ascend!2012post-rock
20Good Weather for an AirstrikeUnderneath the Stars2012ambient
85GrandaddyThe Sophtware Slump2000indie rock
75GrandaddySumday2003indie rock
83Greg HainesDigressions2012ambient
87Greg HainesWhere We Were2013electronic/ambient
87Gregor Samsa55:122006post-rock
76Gregor SamsaRest2008post-rock
67Grizzly BearVeckatimest2009indie rock
82Grizzly BearShields2012indie rock
25Grizzly BearShields: B-Sides2013indie rockb-sides and remixes
79Guilt MachineOn This Perfect Day2010prog metal
85Haiku SalutTricolore2013baroque pop
60HammockDeparture Songs2012post-rock
82Handsome FursFace Control2009electropunk
77Handsome FursSound Kapital2011electropunk
73Hans ZimmerInception2010film scorefilm score
68Hans ZimmerThe Dark Knight Rises2012film scorefilm score
50Hans ZimmerMan of Steel2013film scorefilm score
75Hans Zimmer and James Newton HowardThe Dark Knight2008film scorefilm score
50HeatmiserMic City Sons1996indie rock
73HookwormsPearl Mystic2013psychedelic rock
89HospitalityHospitality2012indie pop
68How to Destroy AngelsHow to Destroy Angels2010post-industrialEP
70How to Destroy AngelsAn Omen2012post-industrialEP
80How to Destroy AngelsWelcome Oblivion2013post-industrial
61Human PyramidsPlanet Shhh!2013baroque rock
60If These Trees Could TalkAbove the Earth, Below the Sky2009post-rock
60If These Trees Could TalkRed Forest2012post-rock
50In FlamesReroute to Remain2002melodic death metal
65InterpolTurn on the Bright Lights2002post-punk revival
73InterpolAntics2004post-punk revival
55InterpolOur Love to Admire2007post-punk revival
30IsisIn the Absence of Truth2006post-metal
78IsisWavering Radiant2009post-metal
61IslandsA Sleep & a Forgetting2012indie rock
70James MurrayThe Land Bridge2013ambient
67JapandroidsCelebration Rock2012noise rock
74Jenny HvalInnocence Is Kinky2013art pop
60Jeremy SouleThe Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind2002video game
70Jerome FariaOverlapse2012ambient
68JesuEveryday I Get Closer to the Light from Which I Came2013shoegazing
81Jim GuthrieNow, More Than Ever2003indie rock
79Jim GuthrieTakes Time2013indie rock
43JK FleshPosthuman2012
72John CaleParis 19191973baroque pop
30John CaleShifty Adventures in Nookie Wood2012
70Jon BrionEternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind2004film soundtrack
76Jon BrionSynecdoche, New York2008film score
77Jon HopkinsImmunity2013electronic with some wubs and ambience
70Josh VarnedoreSun Chapter2012ambient
72Joy DivisionUnknown Pleasures1979post-punk
86Joy DivisionCloser1980post-punk
85Julia HolterEkstasis2012art pop
92Julia HolterLoud City Song2013art pop
78Julia KentCharacter2013rhythmic cello/modern classical
85Justice2007electro house
76JusticeAudio, Video, Disco2011
75Kanye WestMy Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy2010hip hop
71Kanye WestYeezus2013hip hop
74KatatoniaViva Emptiness2003alt metal
45KatatoniaDead End Kings2012alt metal
60KeaneHopes and Fears2004pop rock
75KeaneUnder the Iron Sea2006pop rock
35KeanePerfect Symmetry2008pop rock
45KeaneStrangeland2012pop rock
63Ken CamdenSpace Mirror2013synth-based electronic
95King CrimsonIn the Court of the Crimson King1969prog rock
74King CrimsonIn the Wake of Poseidon1970prog rock
83King CrimsonLizard1970prog rock
94King CrimsonIslands1971prog rock
62King CrimsonStarless and Bible Black1974prog rock
89King CrimsonRed1974prog rock
68King CrimsonDiscipline1981prog rock
69King CrimsonThe Power to Believe2003prog rock
92Kishi Bashi151a2012baroque pop
76KMFDMBrimborium2008industrial rockremix
60KMFDMBlitz2009industrial rock
80Land of TalkApplause Cheer Boo Hiss2006indie rockEP
84Land of TalkSome Are Lakes2008indie rock
71Land of TalkCloak and Cipher2010indie rock
79Last DaysSatellite2013ambient/modern classical
71Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin IV1971hard rock
87LeechIf We Get There One Day, Would You Please Open the Gates?2012post-rock
40Les MouchesBlood Orgy!!!2003indie rock
83Liam SingerArc Iris2013theatrical baroque pop
68Library TapesSun Peeking Through2012ambient
20LoghA Sunset Panorama2005indie rock
87LoghNorth2007indie rock
68Lower SpectrumLittle Appeal2013electronic with reserved hooks and beats
83Lubomyr MelnykCorollaries2013continuous piano/modern classical
78Luke HowardSun, Cloud2013modern classical/strings
65LullatoneSummer Songs2013pajama popEP
61LullatoneFalling for Autumn 2013pajama popEP
70M. WardPost-War2006indie folk
70M83Saturdays = Youth2008dream pop
80Maria TaylorLadyLuck2009indie folk
60Maria TaylorSomething About Knowing2013indie folk
74Marilyn MansonAntichrist Superstar1996industrial rock
73Mark TempletonJealous Heart2013dark ambient
74Markus MehrOff2013ambient/drone
50Marvin AyresHarmogram Suite2012ambient
84Massive AttackMezzanine1998trip hop
80Massive AttackHeligoland2010trip hop
72MastodonLeviathan2004prog metal
83MastodonCrack the Skye2009prog metal
71MastodonThe Hunter2011metal
78Matthew GoodAvalanche2003alt rock
63MelodiumThe Island2012
50MeshuggahKoloss2012extreme metal
79MetallicaRide the Lightning1984thrash metal
82MetallicaMaster of Puppets1986thrash metal
79MetricLive It Out2005indie rock
78MetricFantasies2009indie rock
59MetricSynthetica2012indie rock
80MGMTOracular Spectacular2007psychedelic rock
86MGMTCongratulations2010psychedelic rock
77MGMTMGMT2013psychedelic rock
72Michael AndrewsDonnie Darko2002film score
69Minus the BearPlanet of Ice2007indie rock
50Modest MouseThis Is a Long Drive for Someone with Nothing to Think About1996indie rock
50Modest MouseThe Moon & Antarctica2000indie rock
73MogwaiMogwai Young Team1997post-rock
80MogwaiCome On Die Young1999post-rock
82MogwaiHappy Songs for Happy People2003post-rock
62MogwaiMr Beast2006post-rock
70MogwaiThe Hawk Is Howling2008post-rock
80MogwaiSpecial Moves2010post-rocklive
70MogwaiHardcore Will Never Die, But You Will2011post-rock
78MogwaiEarth Division2011post-rockEP
77MogwaiLes Revenants2013post-rockfilm soundtrack
60MONOOne Step More and You Die2002post-rock
72MONOWalking Cloud and Deep Red Sky, Flag Fluttered and the Sun Shined2004post-rock
87MONOYou Are There2006post-rock
94MONOHymn to the Immortal Wind2009post-rock
70MONOHoly Ground: NYC Live with the Wordless Music Orchestra2010post-rocklive
90MONOFor My Parents2012post-rock
92MONO& world’s end girlfriendPalmless Prayer / Mass Murder Refrain2006post-rock
69MoonfaceWith Siinai: Heartbreaking Bravery2012indie rock
81MoonfaceJulia with Blue Jeans On2013piano and vocals
80Mount EerieNo Flashlight: Songs of the Fulfilled Night2005indie folk
67Mount EerieLost Wisdom2008indie folk
73Mount EerieWind’s Poem2009indie rock
82Mount EerieClear Moon2012indie rock
57Mount EerieOcean Roar2012indie rock
30Mount EeriePre-Human Ideas2013autotuneremix
60múmFinally We Are No One2002folktronica
81MuseOrigin of Symmetry2001alt rock
60MuseAbsolution2003alt rock
55MuseBlack Holes and Revelations2006alt rock
82Mux MoolSkulltaste2010electronic
84My Bloody ValentineLoveless1991shoegazing
84My Bloody Valentinem b v2013shoegazing
82Neutral Milk HotelIn the Aeroplane over the Sea1998indie folk
80Nils FrahmFelt2011piano/modern classical
50Nils FrahmScrews2012piano/modern classical
64Nils FrahmSpaces2013piano/modern classicallive
65Nine Inch NailsPretty Hate Machine1989industrial rock
81Nine Inch NailsBroken1992industrial rockEP
58Nine Inch NailsFixed1992industrial rockremix EP
99Nine Inch NailsThe Downward Spiral1994industrial rock
60Nine Inch NailsFurther Down the Spiral1995industrial rockremix
60Nine Inch NailsClosure1997industrial rocklive
96Nine Inch NailsThe Fragile1999industrial rock
65Nine Inch NailsThings Falling Apart2000industrial rockremix
85Nine Inch NailsAnd All That Could Have Been2002industrial rocklive
92Nine Inch NailsStill2002acoustic rock
73Nine Inch NailsWith Teeth2005industrial rock
70Nine Inch NailsBeside You in Time2007industrial rocklive
86Nine Inch NailsYear Zero2007industrial rock
55Nine Inch NailsY34RZ3R0R3M1X3D2007industrial rockremix
85Nine Inch NailsGhosts I-IV2008dark ambient
79Nine Inch NailsThe Slip2008industrial rock
82Nine Inch NailsAnother Version of the Truth2009industrial rocklive
84Nine Inch NailsHesitation Marks2013industrial rock
60Nobuo UematsuFinal Fantasy VI Grand Finale1994video game
66North Atlantic DriftMonuments2013ambient
82of MontrealThe Gay Parade1999indie pop
78of MontrealCoquelicot Asleep in the Poppies: A Variety of Whimsical Verse2001indie pop
74of MontrealSatanic Panic in the Attic2004indie pop
80of MontrealThe Sunlandic Twins2005indie pop
98of MontrealHissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?2007indie pop
93of MontrealIcons, Abstract Thee2007indie popEP
70of MontrealSkeletal Lamping2008indie pop
82of MontrealFalse Priest2010indie pop
78of Montrealthecontrollersphere2011indie popEP
93of MontrealParalytic Stalks2012indie pop
63of MontrealDaughter of Cloud2012indie popcompilation
81of MontrealLousy with Sylvianbriar2013indie pop
55offthesky & Man Watching the StarsAfar, Farewell2012ambient
85OhbijouBeacons2009baroque pop
90OhbijouMetal Meets2011baroque pop
78ohGrDevils in My Details2008electro-industrial
77Ólafur ArnaldsEulogy for Evolution2007modern classical
90Ólafur Arnalds…And They Have Escaped the Weight of Darkness2010modern classical
85Ólafur ArnaldsLiving Room Songs2011modern classical
89Ólafur ArnaldsFor Now I Am Winter2013modern classical
75Olan MillPine2010light ambient
82Olan MillPaths2012light ambient
75Olan MillHome2012light ambient with wordless vocals
50Olan MillHiraeth2013light ambient with wordless vocals
77OpethMy Arms, Your Hearse1998prog death metal
89OpethStill Life1999prog death metal
97OpethBlackwater Park2001prog death metal
79OpethDeliverance2002prog death metal
62OpethDamnation2003prog rock
75OpethGhost Reveries2006prog death metal
82OpethThe Roundhouse Tapes2007prog death metallive
79OpethWatershed2008prog death metal
85OpethIn Live Concert at the Royal Albert Hall2010prog death metallive
65OpethHeritage2011prog rock
71Our Lady PeaceClumsy1997alt rock
64Our Lady PeaceHappiness… Is Not a Fish That You Can Catch1999alt rock
82Owen PallettHas a Good Home2005baroque pop
92Owen PallettHe Poos Clouds2006baroque pop
80Owen PallettSpectrum, 14th Century2008baroque popEP
74Owen PallettPlays to Please2008baroque popcover EP
99Owen PallettHeartland2010baroque pop
85Owen PallettA Swedish Love Story2010baroque popEP
76Parenthetical GirlsEntanglements2008baroque pop
74Parenthetical GirlsPrivilege, Pt. III: Mend & Make Do2011baroque popEP
72Parenthetical GirlsPrivilege, Pt. IV: Sympathy for Spastics2011baroque popEP
83Parenthetical GirlsPrivilege, Pt. V: Portrait of a Reputation2012baroque popEP
59ParhelionTemples in Ice2013cold ambientEP
40Park Ave.When Jamie Went to London… We Broke Up1999indie pop
83Parts & LaborConstant Future2011noise rock
76Patrick WolfLycanthropy2004folktronica
86Patrick WolfWind in the Wires2005folktronica
82Patrick WolfThe Magic Position2007folktronica
76Patrick WolfThe Bachelor2009folktronica
50Patrick WolfLupercalia2011folktronica
58Patrick WolfSundark and Riverlight2012folktronicaacoustic
20PelicanForever Becoming2013post-metal
84Perfume GeniusPut Your Back N 2 It2012indie pop
68Peter Bjorn and JohnWriter’s Block2006indie pop
79Peter BroderickFloat2008modern classical
66Peter Broderickhttp://www.itstartshear.com2012
55Peter BroderickThese Walls of Mine2012
70Peter GabrielSecurity1982art rock
94Peter GabrielUp2002art rock
64Piano InterruptedThe Unified Field2013jazzy modern classical
68Pill-OhVanishing Mirror2012modern classical
70PillowdiverFrozen Soundtracks2012ambient
76Pink FloydMeddle1971prog rock
83Pink FloydWish You Were Here1975prog rock
82Pink FloydAnimals1977prog rock
84PJ HarveyLet England Shake2011alt rock
40PlaceboWithout You I’m Nothing1998alt rock
77Poppy AckroydEscapement2012modern classical
60Porcupine TreeVoyage 341992psychedelic rockcompilation
70Porcupine TreeUp the Downstair1993prog rock
76Porcupine TreeThe Sky Moves Sideways1995prog rock
79Porcupine TreeSignify1996prog rock
83Porcupine TreeStupid Dream1999prog rock
80Porcupine TreeLightbulb Sun2000prog rock
89Porcupine TreeIn Absentia2002prog rock
77Porcupine TreeDeadwing2005prog rock
70Porcupine TreeArriving Somewhere…2006prog rocklive
85Porcupine TreeFear of a Blank Planet2007prog rock
50Porcupine TreeIlosaarirock2009prog rocklive
76Porcupine TreeThe Incident2009prog rock
65Porcupine TreeAnesthetize2010prog rocklive
84PortisheadThird2008trip hop
75PrickPrick1995industrial rock
86Purity RingShrines2012synthpop
80PusciferV Is for Vagina2007
68PusciferConditions of My Parole2011
40Queens of the Stone AgeSongs for the Deaf2002alt rock
67RadioheadPablo Honey1993alt rock
79RadioheadThe Bends1995alt rock
95RadioheadOK Computer1997alt rock
73RadioheadAirbag / How Am I Driving?1998alt rockEP
88RadioheadKid A2000alt rock
86RadioheadAmnesiac2001alt rock
80RadioheadI Might Be Wrong: Live Recordings2001alt rocklive
85RadioheadHail to the Thief2003alt rock
60RadioheadCOMLAG (2plus2isfive)2004alt rockcompilation
95RadioheadIn Rainbows2007alt rock
63RadioheadThe King of Limbs2011alt rock
40Red Hot Chili PeppersCalifornication1999alt rock
30Red Hot Chili PeppersBy the Way2002alt rock
89Red SparowesAt the Soundless Dawn2005post-rock
88Red SparowesThe Fear Is Excruciating, but Therein Lies the Answer2010post-rock
55Regina SpektorBegin to Hope2006anti-folk
91Rhian SheehanStories from Elsewhere2013cinematic modern classical
73Richard SkeltonVerse of Birds2012ambient
89Rilo KileyThe Execution of All Things2002indie rock
80Rilo KileyMore Adventurous2004indie rock
40Rilo KileyUnder the Blacklight2007indie rock
35Rival ConsolesOdyssey2013electronicEP
47Robert HaighDarkling Streams2013piano/modern classical
74RushMoving Pictures1981prog rock
77RushSignals1982prog rock
64RushVapor Trails2002hard rock
65RushClockwork Angels2012hard rock
50Russian CirclesEmpros2011post-rock
81Ryan TeagueField Drawings2012modern classical
58SaffronKeiraTourette2013dark ambient
78Sankt OttenMessias Maschine2013clean electronic with drawn out synths and guitar over drum beats
69SavagesSilence Yourself2013post-punk
25Savvas Ysatis + Taylor DeupreeOrigin2013plain ambient drone
30Sean McCannMusic for Private Ensemble2013modern classical
65Sebastian PlanoImpetus2013modern classical
68Secret PyramidThe Silent March2011ambient
40Set and SettingEquanimity2013post-rock
30Set Fire to FlamesSings Reign Rebuilder2001post-rock
69Sharon Van EttenTramp2012indie rock
77She & HimVolume One2008indie pop
60She & HimVolume Two2010indie pop
73She & HimVolume 32013indie pop
82Sigur RósÁgætis byrjun1999post-rock
92Sigur Rós( )2002post-rock
73Sigur RósMeð suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust2008post-rock
52Sigur RósValtari2012ambient
93Sigur RósKveikur2013post-rock/ambient
70SilmusOstara2013peaceful ambient
79Simon BookishEverything/Everything2008electropop
40Skinny PuppyBites1985electro-industrial
70Skinny PuppyMind: The Perpetual Intercourse1986electro-industrial
83Skinny PuppyCleanse Fold and Manipulate1987electro-industrial
87Skinny PuppyVIVIsectVI1988electro-industrial
80Skinny PuppyAin’t It Dead Yet?1989electro-industriallive
74Skinny PuppyRabies1989electro-industrial
95Skinny PuppyToo Dark Park1990electro-industrial
79Skinny PuppyLast Rights1992electro-industrial
93Skinny PuppyThe Process1996electro-industrial
88Skinny PuppyDoomsday: Back and Forth Series 5: Live in Dresden2001electro-industriallive
79Skinny PuppyThe Greater Wrong of the Right2004electro-industrial
70Skinny PuppyThe Greater Wrong of the Right Live2005electro-industriallive
74Skinny PuppyMythmaker2007electro-industrial
79Skinny PuppyhanDover2011electro-industrial
40Skinny PuppyBootlegged, Broke and in Solvent Seas2012electro-industriallive
79Skinny PuppyWeapon2013electro-industrial
78Sleep Party PeopleSleep Party People2010dream pop
76Sleep Party PeopleWe Were Drifting on a Sad Song2012dream pop
75Sleigh BellsTreats2010noise pop/dance-punk
74Sleigh BellsReign of Terror2012noise pop/dance-punk
85Snow PalmsIntervals2012modern classical
60Sol InvictusIn the Rain1995neofolk
68SpiritualizedSweet Heart Sweet Light2012space rock
76St. VincentMarry Me2007indie pop
84St. VincentActor2009indie pop
77St. VincentStrange Mercy2011indie pop
66Stabbing WestwardDarkest Days1998industrial rock
81StarsThe Comeback2001indie popEP
75StarsSet Yourself on Fire2004indie pop
70StarsDo You Trust Your Friends?2007indie popremix
79StarsIn Our Bedroom After the War2007indie pop
55StarsThe Five Ghosts2010indie pop
64StarsThe North2012indie pop
40Steve Gibbs & Cyrus ReynoldsIn Passing2013modern classicalEP, remix, soundtrack
80Steven WilsonInsurgentes2008prog rock
77Steven WilsonGrace for Drowning2011prog rock
61Steven WilsonThe Raven That Refused to Sing (And Other Stories)2013prog rock
73Storm CorrosionStorm Corrosion2012prog rock
45Stray TheoriesEven Though We Sleep2012ambient
50Sufjan StevensA Sun Came2000indie folk
50Sufjan StevensEnjoy Your Rabbit2001electronic
86Sufjan StevensMichigan2003baroque pop
87Sufjan StevensSeven Swans2004baroque pop
97Sufjan StevensIllinois2005baroque pop
91Sufjan StevensThe BQE2009modern classicalscore
84Sufjan StevensAll Delighted People2010art rockEP
88Sufjan StevensThe Age of Adz2010art rock
71SummoningStronghold1999Lord of the Rings black metal
76SummoningLet Mortal Heroes Sing Your Fame2001Lord of the Rings black metal
77SummoningOath Bound2006Lord of the Rings black metal
78SummoningOld Mornings Dawn2013Lord of the Rings black metal
40Sunset RubdownSnake’s Got a Leg2005indie rock
70Sunset RubdownSunset Rubdown2006indie rockEP
80Sunset RubdownShut Up I Am Dreaming2006indie rock
86Sunset RubdownRandom Spirit Lover2007indie rock
70Sunset RubdownSunset Rubdown Introducing Moonface2009indie rockEP
98Sunset RubdownDragonslayer2009indie rock
82Swan LakeBeast Moans2006indie rock
70Swan LakeEnemy Mine2009indie rock
88SwansThe Seer2012
75TalvihorrosAnd It Was So2012ambient
70Tegan and SaraSo Jealous2004indie pop
74Tegan and SaraThe Con2007indie pop
67Tegan and SaraSainthood2009indie pop
85The Alvaret EnsembleThe Alvaret Ensemble2012modern classical
92The AntlersHospice2009indie rock
76The AntlersBurst Apart2011indie rock
85The AntlersUndersea2012indie rockEP
73The BeatlesRubber Soul1965rock
81The BeatlesThe Beatles1968rock
65The BeatlesAbbey Road1969rock
60The BeatlesLet It Be1970rock
45The ClienteleGod Save the Clientele2007indie pop
50The CureThree Imaginary Boys1979post-punk
80The CureSeventeen Seconds1980goth rock
74The CureFaith1981goth rock
93The CurePornography1982goth rock
86The CureThe Top1984goth rock
84The CureThe Head on the Door1985goth rock
50The CureKiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me1987goth rock
89The CureDisintegration1989goth rock
60The CureEntreat1990goth rocklive
90The CureWish1992goth rock
83The CureShow1993goth rocklive
77The CureParis1993goth rocklive
65The CureWild Mood Swings1996alt rock
70The CureBloodflowers2000alt rock
86The CureTrilogy2003goth rocklive
50The CureThe Cure2004alt rock
70The CureFestival 20052006alt rocklive
60The Cure4:13 Dream2008alt rock
20The CureBestival Live 20112011alt rocklive
55The DearsGang of Losers2006indie rock
60The DecemberistsHer Majesty the Decemberists2003indie folk
78The DecemberistsPicaresque2005indie folk
80The DecemberistsThe Crane Wife2006indie folk
78The DecemberistsThe Hazards of Love2009indie folk
62The DecemberistsThe King Is Dead2011indie folk
79The DodosVisiter2008indie rock
64The DodosCarrier2013indie rock
70The Dresden DollsThe Dresden Dolls2003dark cabaret
62The Echelon EffectAtlantic2013light post-rock
78The Evpatoria ReportGolevka2005post-rock
80The Fall of TroyDoppelgänger2005post-hardcore
67The Fall of TroyIn the Unlikely Event2009post-hardcore
83The Flaming LipsThe Soft Bulletin1999psychedelic rock
86The Flaming LipsThe Terror2013psychedelic rock
73The Flaming LipsPeace Sword2013psychedelic rock
72The Inventors of AircraftWhere the Light Stops2013ambient
45The KnifeShaking the Habitual2013electronic/ambient
87The Mars VoltaDe-Loused in the Comatorium2003prog rock
60the Mountain GoatsAll Hail West Texas2002lo-fi
89the Mountain GoatsTallahassee2002folk rock
92the Mountain GoatsThe Sunset Tree2005folk rock
86the Mountain GoatsHeretic Pride2008folk rock
75the Mountain GoatsThe Life of the World to Come2009folk rock
83the Mountain GoatsAll Eternals Deck2011folk rock
84the Mountain GoatsTranscendental Youth2012folk rock
84The Mountaineering Club OrchestraA Start on Such a Night Is Full of Promise2011post-rock
78The Naked and FamousPassive Me, Aggressive You2010electropop
80The NationalBoxer2007introspective indie rock
80The NationalHigh Violet2010introspective indie rock
62The NationalTrouble Will Find Me2013introspective indie rock
83The PastelsSlow Summits2013mellow indie pop
63The Pirate Ship QuintetRope for No-Hopers2012post-rock
79The Polyphonic SpreeTogether We’re Heavy2004symphonic rock
77The Rural Alberta AdvantageHometowns2008indie rock
85The Rural Alberta AdvantageDeparting2011indie rock
80The ShinsOh, Inverted World2001indie rock
74The ShinsPort of Morrow2012indie rock
76The Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La BandBorn into Trouble as the Sparks Fly Upward2001post-rock
65The Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La Band with ChoirThis Is Our Punk-Rock, Thee Rusted Satellites Gather + Sing,2003post-rock
72The Smashing PumpkinsSiamese Dream1993alt rock
68The Smashing PumpkinsMellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness1995alt rock
81The Smashing PumpkinsAdore1998alt rock
50The Smashing PumpkinsZeitgeist2007alt rock
64The Smashing PumpkinsOceania2012alt rock
50The StrokesIs This It2001post-punk revival
60Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial OrchestraPretty Little Lightning Paw2004post-rockEP
82Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial OrchestraKollaps Tradixionales2010post-rock
66Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial OrchestraThe West Will Rise Again2012post-rockEP
91Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La BandHorses in the Sky2005post-rock
84Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La Band13 Blues for Thirteen Moons2008post-rock
25These New PuritansField of Reeds2013art rock/modern classical
64This Will Destroy YouTunnel Blanket2011drone
77Thom YorkeThe Eraser2006electronic
80Tilly and the WallBottoms of Barrels2006indie pop
83Tim HeckerRavedeath, 19722011ambient/drone
68Tim HeckerDropped Pianos2011ambient/droneEP
87Tim HeckerVirgins2013ambient/drone
64Tim Hecker and Daniel LopatinInstrumental Tourist2012ambient/drone
71TindersticksThe Something Rain2012gloomy baroque pop
68Titus AndronicusThe Monitor2010punk rock
43Titus AndronicusLocal Business2012
71ToolOpiate1992alt metalEP
89ToolUndertow1993alt metal
97ToolÆnima1996alt metal
75ToolSalival2000alt metalcompilation
99ToolLateralus2001alt metal
84Tool10,000 Days2006alt metal
76Tori AmosLittle Earthquakes1992piano rock
62Trent Reznor and Atticus RossThe Social Network2010film score
84TV on the RadioReturn to Cookie Mountain2006art rock
55TV on the RadioDear Science2008art rock
74VancougarCanadian Tuxedo2008indie pop
50WeerthofOut of Control2013electronic/glitch/toy
60WeezerThe Blue Album1994alt rock
50Wes WillenbringWeapons Reference Manual2012ambient
89Wild BeastsTwo Dancers2009indie rock
87Wild BeastsSmother2011indie rock
35William TylerImpossible Truth2013guitar
72Wolf ParadeApologies to the Queen Mary2005indie rock
67Wolf ParadeAt Mount Zoomer2008indie rock
67Wolf ParadeExpo 862010indie rock
72world’s end girlfriendEnchanted Landscape Escape2002experimental
76world’s end girlfriendThe Lie Lay Land2005experimental
93world’s end girlfriendHurtbreak Wonderland2007experimental
80world’s end girlfriendSEVENIDIOTS2010experimental
85world’s end girlfriendStarry Starry Night2012modern classicalscore
70Wrekmeister HarmoniesYou’ve Always Meant So Much to Me2013guitar drone
66Xiu XiuWomen as Lovers2008art pop
73Xiu XiuDear God, I Hate Myself2010art pop
68Xiu XiuAlways2012art pop
68Yeah Yeah YeahsFever to Tell2003vibrant indie rock
83Yeah Yeah YeahsShow Your Bones2006vibrant indie rock
75Yeah Yeah YeahsIs Is2007vibrant indie rockEP
85Yeah Yeah YeahsIt’s Blitz!2009vibrant indie rock
64Yeah Yeah YeahsMosquito2013vibrant indie rock
92Yndi HaldaEnjoy Eternal Bliss2007post-rock with strings
60Zola JesusStridulum II2010synthpop
87TalvihorrosEaten Alive2014ambient
73MogwaiRave Tapes2014electronic post-rock
80Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial OrchestraFuck Off Get Free We Pour Light on Everything2014post-rock
68HospitalityTrouble2014indie pop
68Xiu XiuAngel Guts: Red Classroom2014
80BeckMorning Phase2014
74Wild BeastsPresent Tense2014indie rock
78St. VincentSt. Vincent2014
80MetatagTransmission2014light electronic/ambient
60Cloud NothingsHere and Nowhere Else2014
79Future IslandsSingles2014synthpop
72Tomorrow We SailFor Those Who Caught the Sun in Flight2014ethereal post-rock