Notes on dual booting Arch Linux and Windows 7

I installed Arch Linux and then Windows 7 in partitions on a single disk, booting with the Windows Boot Manager (BOOTMGR). Arch Linux boots from GRUB after being selected in the BOOTMGR menu. I set up a master boot record (MBR) rather than a GPT because I boot in BIOS.

Partition list

Here are my current partitions as shown in GParted.


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Common knowledge in the blue eyes puzzle

A popular formulation of the blue eyes logic puzzle is given on xkcd. I’m going to explain the concept of common knowledge in the context of the puzzle. If you don’t already know the solution to the puzzle, it’s not spoiled below and you can consider this page a hint.

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Redirected /icons/ directory in Apache


You have created a directory named /icons/, but the files in it can’t be accessed and you get a listing that looks like this:

Apache icons


Search your httpd .conf files for a line starting with Alias /icons/. This line is responsible for mapping /icons/ to the default directory of file type icons.

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Cryptonomicon chapter summary

This is an incomplete chapter-by-chapter summary of Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson. The pages numbers are from the 2002 Avon Books paperback (ISBN 978-0-06-051280-4).

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